I’m Tasha PnK, Canadian adult content creator and cam model,

For those of who are wondering, the “PnK” in Tasha PnK is the result of my indecisivenessbetween wanting something pink related or punk related – nothing more exciting than that (lol!).  By day, I am a well-read go getter, by night, a vibin’ stoner girl – and food obsessed 24/7. At night, you’ll find me in my room editing content, dancing in my underwear to my fave songs of the moment, smoking and of course, eating!

IRL and online, I love to chat and let out all my goof. I tend to overshare, and my filter has questionable attendance habits so my dark humour is often on the loose. That said, I love getting to know the people that come hang out in my cam room or follow me on my socials and it makes me genuinely happy when you spark conversation and interact with me. Oh, and of course being treated to food and iced coffee goes hand in hand with that.

After running into every typical problem online sex workers have to face when starting out and realizing that a lot of  the advice available online is questionable at best, I decided to dust off my tech skills and create a website to share my experience with you, on my turf.

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How to promote your Only Fans on TikTok without getting banned

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How to write a great welcome message on OnlyFans.

“Thanks for subbing, ‘cum’ check out my content and – don’t forget, I do customs!” – I hate to break it to you, but this won’t cut it and here’s why. Your customer journey doesn’t ...