SFS Shoutout OnlyFans

Does S4S work?

If you’ve remotely done your research on promoting your OnlyFans, you’ve certainly come across the S4S and L4L trend and wondered: does S4S work?

What is S4S & L4L ?

Shoutout for shoutout (S4S or SFS) is a common practice in the online sex work industry where two creators will agree to promote one another on their respective channel(s): often Twitter, OnlyFans and/or Instagram. The goal of this is for both parties to gain followers and subs. Like for like (L4L or LFL) is where two creators send each other a free subscription to their OnlyFans and each of them must go like all (or many) of the posts on the other person’s wall in order to boost the ‘like’ count on their profiles to attract more subs.

How to pick a creator for S4S and L4L

To be beneficial on both ends and to maximize the outcome, the two creators should have a similar following both in numbers and profile. If one model has a 1M following and the other has 10K, it’s obvious that likely only the smaller creator will be benefiting from the arrangement which wouldn’t be fair. That said, the second criteria is more influential in that if you do not have the same type of following: it will not work – ever. I’ll use myself as an example: I’m known for being a very interactive, quirky stoner girl with tattoos who listens to old school rap and metal. I create a specific type of content catering to specific kinks and fetishes which attracts viewers and subs that are into my style and content type. If I paired up with a creator that looks completely different that creates a totally different style of content, she would get absolutely nothing out of my shoutout, even if I had a billion followers (ok .. slight exaggeration but you get the idea) because my followers are into the type of stuff *I* do.

What usually *actually* ends up happening

This seems to be more of a newbie thing and so what usually ends up happening is you have a very low media count on your OnlyFans with a disproportionate amount of likes. Subs aren’t stupid and they know exactly what that means. If they don’t happen to know, a potential sub will see a bunch of illegitimate likes on your account and see it as “wow her content must be crazy good” and then will invariably lead to disappointment for them because, let’s face it, the content we produce in the early days is rarely ever on point.

Not only that, but when they see that likely you did the L4L thing, they’re gonna expect that you’re going to do the spammy S4S on your page too and spam promo other models on your page instead of post actual content. They can (and very likely will) be very turned off at best and pissed off at worst.

Content theft and piracy

You never know which model is going to just go look at your likes and comments and poach your fans or steal your content and/or ideas altogether. Even if your subscribers aren’t poachable per se, the attempt will still undoubtedly be really irritating to them.
*(If your content has been stolen and published online without your authorization, you can file a DMCA complaint to attempt a DMCA takedown

Does S4S work?

I’ve never personally done S4S and L4L, but from the other creators and men i’ve spoken to for the sake of research, i’ve come to this conclusion. If done on OnlyFans, not much is ever gained. If done on social media, usually both creators will gain some followers. I have yet to hear about someone who’s gained more than 1-2 subs from this practice. Judging from the extensive OnlyFans reviews i’ve read, it actually seems to be more detrimental to a creator to partake in this type of promotion.