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Why you need free content on your free OnlyFans page

I know that one of the eternal questions when it comes to OnlyFans is : “Should I make a paid page or a free page?”, which is a whole blog post in and of itself. Both types of accounts have their advantages and drawbacks but ultimately, you gotta pick one.
For those of you who decide to go with the free page, this is for you. Most creators who choose to have a free OnlyFans page do it to to get as much traffic as possible in the hopes that the ones following the free page move to their paid page. The content on your free page must hook your subs to make them want more – but for this to work, you need to *actually have* free content available.
Have you ever downloaded a free app, only to discover you can’t do anything at all in said app without upgrading to the 6.99$ weekly plan? You saw the “in app purchases” but didn’t think that every feature needed to be purchased as the app was marked “free” when you chose it.

Swipe up, long press, edit homescreen, delete app, *irritated huffing*, app store, start your search all over again.

We’ve all been there and it fucking sucks.
This is exactly the feeling your subs get when you pique their interest and head over to your free page to check you out and see what you and your content are all about and they hate it. These fans specifically head to free pages to avoid paying a month’s fee for mystery content only to find out that they still have to pay for mystery content – and for single videos no less. Had they subbed to your paid page, they would’ve had access to all the content you’ve ever posted, often for the price of one single PPV on your free page. Makes no sense at all and you pissed off your sub right from the start … and that’s assuming he didn’t buy a grainy 15 second, 7$ “welcome” PPV that was on your Instagram stories for free last week, ’cause then – it’s over for you girl.
You opted for free, then own it and accept that you’re going to have to post content for free (not just 2 second Boomerangs)  in exchange for more traffic than the girls with paid pages. You want to feel like you’re getting “fair pay” for all the spready-spreadies and twirliwoos you do in your videos,  make a paid page and give up the traffic. You can’t have both.

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