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How to write a great welcome message on OnlyFans.

“Thanks for subbing, ‘cum’ check out my content and – don’t forget, I do customs!” – I hate to break it to you, but this won’t cut it and here’s why.

Your customer journey doesn’t end when they hit that subscribe button (… well, it could but that would mean he landed on some pretty off-putting content (or lack thereof) as soon as scrolled your feed for the first time…), it just evolves from customer acquisition to customer retention – getting a new subscriber and keeping them. The decision to keep that rebill on relies almost solely on the customer experience you provide at every touch point.

“Customer touchpoints are the various moments at which a customer will directly, or indirectly, come into contact with your brand. These touchpoints make up the customer journey, and are key to influencing the customer experience.”

Your welcome message is a very important touch point, as it is the first one your fan will have with you as a paying customer so use that opportunity to start off on a great note by crafting a genuine and informative message that will make your new subscriber feel welcome, appreciated and privileged while efficiently sharing key information.  With this in mind, let’s break down the example above:

OnlyFans welcome message

Don’t sound like you’re thanking your Aunt Gertrude for passing the salt at the dinner table: mechanical and inauthentic. This is an easy fix, just add some emotion and personality, like this: “I’m super excited that you’re here”, “I can’t wait to have fun with you”, “I’m looking forward to getting to know you better” etc.

Don’t state the obvious. No shit he’s going to check out your content, that’s the whole reason why they’re there. I’m not even going to elaborate on the use of  ‘cum’ instead of ‘come’ as an attempt to be cute/witty or whatever. Even if it would be cute, everyone does it and it’s lame – in my opinion.

Don’t take your fans for idiots. Every OnlyFans creator and their mother does customs. It’s not something someone can forget. If he wants a custom, trust me, he’ll know where to go. Plus, hinting at the next purchase when they just made one is not a good look.

What should your welcome message contain?

The must haves :

  • Genuine greeting and “thank you”;
  • What you’re looking forward to and/or what your new sub can expect from your page. This can be anything from your posting schedule, response time, games, raffles or upcoming collaborations. Don’t hesitate to include this in your welcome message even if this information is in your profile.The power of repetition is in its simplicity. A message heard multiple times is more likely to be remembered;
  • Important rules: No dick pics, no degrading on public feed, dirty talk rules etc. These should also be in your pinned post. I usually don’t like to include these in my profile as I prefer to focus on the “can do’s” rather than the “can’t do” to entice potential subs. Don’t forget to include what the consequences are for not respecting rules. They won’t be able to say they didn’t know in the future.

Good additions:

  • Encourage engagement and participation: I like to tell my new subs that I love their input and feedback and I encourage them to like and comment on posts they enjoy. I’ve played around with my welcome message quite a bit and I found my subs reacted quite well when I said: ” I strongly dislike talking to crickets – and that’s an understatement. Please, don’t let me feel silly by letting me talk to myself, talk to me baby!”
  • Hard/soft limits: This could also be in your pinned post.

It could also be a good idea to check in with new fans a week or so after they subscribe to get their feedback and touch base on how they’re enjoying your page so far. Don’t let the infinite possibilities intimidate you. Get the basics down and tweak it over time. Even if it’s not a beautiful composition, just get the point across until inspiration hits you – don’t wait for a genius idea or clever inspiration to miraculously pop in your head to start.

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