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How to promote your Only Fans on TikTok without getting banned

TikTok is the platform that brings me the most subs – and by far. As much as I love this platform, I have to say that their banning habits are extremely frustrating and one of the biggest obstacles to us OnlyFans creators. I see and answer many questions every day on how to promote your OnlyFans on TikTok so I decided to gather it all in one place. I currently have 35.5K followers on my TikTok account, which took about 2 months to get. On a regular day where I post a couple videos, I’ll get about 1-10 subs. On a day where my posts do well (~20-50K views for at least one of my videos and the rest averaging 3-6k), I’ll get 10-25 subs and when I go viral, I can get up to 50-70 subs and will keep getting consistent subs regardless of what I post for the following week or so. I am by no means an expert and what works for me may not work for everybody else – but being the detail and data obsessed freak I am, I do have what works for me down to a near science.

First of all, and before going any further, make sure you have the “content creation basics” down packed. Make sure you have great lighting, a neat background and that you’re not filming with a 1997 potato. Most smart phones are perfect now, but you never know (my mister’s phone films like a 2mp camera in the era so go figure). I’m not even going to go into detail about these three things, it’s basic.

Also, in the realm of the basics: Try and use trending sounds when possible but keep it relevant. Don’t just use a sound because it’s trending but what you’re doing has nothing to do with said sound. Same with trending hashtags.

About the hashtags

Don’t attract the TikTok bots to yourself with the typical sex worker hashtags. I have seen a huge difference in views since I have stopped using those hashtags.

– #accountantsoftiktok, #accountant, #spicyaccountant and the like: This is like painting a bullseye on yourself for the TikTok police. Plus, this is an inside lingo for us accountants and basically just puts you on a bunch of other OnlyFans creators FYP as opposed to potential subs.
– #kinktok, #kinkcommunity etc. These could work as the people who are into this will search for these. However, it looks like they go over better with non-sex workers. AI is way smarter than you think and will be able to tell a kinkster from a sex worker but, will also be able to tell your video belongs in the kinktok department whether you put the hashtag or not. So, personally, I don’t use them, but you can try them at your own risk.

I just stick with #foryoupage #fyp and the occasional trending hashtag if it fits with what I’m doing.

Don’t be literal

Don’t just hop on TikTok and make a boring video saying, “my spicy place of employment is running a sale”, it won’t do well. These dudes are looking for personality and entertainment, so you have to show who you are other than an “Only Fans creator”. Also, the clearer you are in your persona, the more you’ll appear on relevant people’s FYP: people that are into exactly what you’re doing.

If you’re going to use a sound that is literally about OnlyFans or sexual stuff, make sure your outfit is irreproachable and you’re not too exposed. These sounds can be super effective when used well but can be a live grenade for your account if your boobies are being too adventurous. Here is a good example and another.

I find that the videos that do the best are the super witty ones that came from an “AHA” moment and took two seconds to make: relatable sexual innuendos, intriguing or shocking in that you’re giving a glimpse into your life about something others are curious about (strippers do this a lot) kind of like revealing the behind the scenes. As for shocking – anything to stir up a reaction (my video “thanku” caused such an uproar that I had to turn off comments – but it got tons of views) or the video “once upon a time” where I’m blatantly calling myself a hoe.

Storytime : I had a brainfart and did the “when your drink starts tasting like…” trend and finished the sentence with “fisting wouldn’t be such a bad idea”. Post blew up and before I knew it I had a couple hundred followers convince me that their wives love it and all so I had a few little hype up videos and other teasers about having tried and that I’d be posting to OF. Best PPV sale EVER. People to this day still sub and come ask me for that video. This video did end up getting taken down after a few weeks for some reason.

You have to remember that one single video doesn’t have to say it all, as it is your account in its entirety that will show who you are and what you do.

Here are some examples:

Stamina”  : Caption and sound fit perfectly together and lets the viewer know that a) I squirt b) I cam c) I’m interactive on my streams

CNC”  : This lets the viewer know a specific kink I cater to. Notice I don’t mention OnlyFans or anything because they can get that info through other videos or my bio – that’s what I mean by your profile as a whole will communicate your message.

Jumpscare”  : Butt is cleverly and appropriately displayed and it’s implied that I’m making content. Any guy who uses OnlyFans will know what I’m doing there. It also shows my quirky side that’s not afraid to ridicule myself.

Occasionally I go with real lingo but I make sure to try and camouflage it “$ub” instead of “sub”, “⚪️🔒🔵” instead of “OF, “🟧🔞⬛️” instead of PornHub. Again, if I’m going to be literal, i’ll make sure that the video is interesting, witty or funny to keep the viewer interested and not telling himself: “uugh! Not another OF girl…”

On skin

In my experience, showing skin is an absolute must. If I remember correctly, I don’t think any video where I’m not showing my boobs off somehow has ever done well. I did notice a pattern in what seems to be acceptable for TikTok with regards to bikini tops. Bikinis that have some fabric between the boobs seem to not get stuck “under review” at all as opposed to the ones where it’s just a string.

· Thank you to Sarah from WoolNsketch for the awesome illustrations. She does fantastic avatars and other illustration work, check her out! ·

On captions and watch time

Aside from not being literal, your captions must keep the viewer watching for as long as possible. The more your video is watched 50% or more, the more you will be pushed on the FYP.

This can be tricky sometimes and it takes a bit of practice to recognize what will kill or boost your watch time.

Here is a perfect example from my friend Crissie about a big toy.

The sound is on point (I actually saved it to use later myself), but the first caption doesn’t hint that there’s a second part coming and the punchline coming from the sound is at the same time as the first caption – so it looks like that’s all there is to the video. I would’ve captioned it : “when you get a surprise delivery from that one sub who requests the weirdest stuff” or something like that, because it prompts the viewer to be like “ oh damn! I wonder what the kinkiest sub would send an OF creator” so they will stay to see the ending.

Delete your video before TikTok takes it down

Every time I post a video, about a minute after I will go on it and click the “…” on the bottom right of the screen then click the airplane as if I wanted to send my post to someone. If the message “You can’t send this video right now as it is still under review” appears at the top of the screen, I will recheck again in another minute. If it’s still there 5-10 minutes later, I will delete the video and either redo it differently or just post it to Clapper and call it a day.

In my experience, if it’s under review for 5+ minutes it’s either going to stay like that forever or get taken down for community guidelines violation. I believe this is one of the ways I’ve kept my account until now. I have had maybe 2-3 videos taken down in total ever.

Videos that don’t do well

In my experience, this is what pretty much never does well or bring any subs:  duets, any trend “the kids do” that has no story or meaning behind it, direct mention of OF or any SW with no thought put into making it creative. Videos with no sound, just my voice/house. Bad lighting / quality.

All in all, be yourself and show some personality. Of course, these tips may not work for everyone, and you may have to incorporate them to fit your style and niche but be consistent and put some thought into what you’re creating and  you should be gravy.

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