Real OnlyFans Reviews

Why I was shocked after reading Only Fans reviews

I, like most girls getting into OnlyFans or any other online sex work, have read everything I could get my hands on to learn how to be successful, how to be safe, how to market and everything around that. What I had not read yet though, was men’s OnlyFans account reviews – until two days ago, I fell down the rabbit hole and I was shocked.

Now, let me preface this by saying: I know we don’t all post the same type of stuff, we’re all into different things, we don’t all have the same skills or style, our financial situations are different and we don’t all have the same amount of time available to dedicate to our online work.

But ..

What I read had nothing to do with any of those things and had everything to do with poor content, spamming and paywalls.


This is OnlyFans 101. Don’t put out shitty content. I’m not talking about “I can’t afford an expensive camera” or “I shoot all my content myself and don’t always have a steady hand” or whatever. We’re talking about no-fucks-given content and lack of content altogether.

Pixelated, fuzzy and dark pictures, cluttered backgrounds, redundant content (read here: same ass pic with 47 different thongs and 3 different positions), 1 second clips and content that’s available for free on a paid page.


These guys pay money, monthly no less, to have access to your content. Could you give them something worth paying for?! Or, at the very least be clear about what one will find on your page once they’ve subbed.

Case in point: Dude finds X chick super hot, her IG is awesome, her Reddit has bomb teasers and pics – so he decides to sub to her OF. She has 45 videos and a couple hundred pics and the bio says she ‘bares it all’ in content so hot you’ll be jerking off all day. In he goes and what does he find? 28 videos promoting other OnlyFans creators and 17 couple second clips of Miss X. The pics? A bit of boob, a few selfies and tons that were used for promo on free platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

This. is. common. sense.

  • Do not post your paid content that people pay for on free platforms. It’s not fair to your subs and you will end up having an endless stream of in-and-out subs that never have their rebill on.
  • Don’t post crappy blurry pictures in front of your dirty mirror or in your cluttered bedroom – not once and even less on a regular basis. Nobody wants to pay for that. Not only that, but the quality of what is accessible on your wall in an indicator to the quality of the content you’re going to send as PPV. “This girl has terrible content on her wall but let me buy this PPV, I know it’s going to be good”, said no one ever.
  • People subscribe to OnlyFans accounts to jerk off to the content. How the hell you wanna jerk off to 3 second clips? There’s no way. Some boomerangs or gifs here and there is totally fine. Nobody can post full length content every single day and we know that. “Oh, but they’re teasers to my PPVs” … which brings me to my next point.
  • You’re not good at video editing? You’re not great at taking pictures? Then learn it or don’t do it at all. Wanting to run an OnlyFans page without having the skills to create content is like saying you want to be chef but don’t know how to cook. You’ll maybe have customers at the beginning but it won’t be long before word gets around that your dishes taste like donkey balls and find yourself with a dead dinner service. Take the time to watch a couple tutorials on how to take a good picture and how to shoot a decent video and you’re already going to be off to a better start.


If you’re not posting anything full length on your wall and all your “good” content is PPV, then be clear about that on your bio. You made an hour long gangbang video? By all means, do send it as PPV, but your 1 minute long solo with a wand over your panties for 6$ – no. You know when you download a free app and then open it to find you can’t do shit without paying extra? Yeah, well, that’s what you’re doing with your OnlyFans. Not a good look and to make matters worse, tons of PPV = tons of spam.


I have actually experienced this one myself: receiving a crazy amount of PPV, sale on [insert product/service], rebill/resub incentives and promotion of other creators. In theory, your subs are your fans. It’s not called “OnlyFans” for shits and giggles, it’s the place where only fans of yours have the privilege of having access to. Why on earth would you promote other creators on your page? Your fans aren’t their fans and they’re there to see YOU, not them. If, for some odd reason, you want to promote other creators to your audience, then do it on your public channels (or not at all), but not on your paid page. You know what your subs do when they’re constantly bombarded by this kind of post? They restrict you.

Take the time to think before you post. Ask yourself, would I pay for this? Would I like to receive this amount of PPV or promo? What am I trying to achieve with this post/content/dm? Does this make me look good? Use your common sense.