How to write your OnlyFans bio

What to write in your Only Fans bio to get more subs

“What the fuck can I write about me so people buy my shit?” said every online sex worker ever who then proceeds to writing something generic telling herself “she’ll get back to it later” (Spoiler: ‘later’ never came).

Writing your profile description is *the* most annoying thing when starting out in the online adult industry along with verification processes. It’s so daunting because we’re sitting there thinking about the hundreds or thousands of people we will potentially be be talking to with that profile. We’re wondering what we could possibly write that could convince them all (or at least a good crown of them) to subscribe. The reality is you’re not trying to convince thousands of different people, you’re trying to convince multiple people of the same guy. That one specific guy that is into what you’re offering on that profile, you’re speaking to *just* him – or at least that’s what you gotta tell yourself.

If you had to pick one single type of person to subscribe to your OnlyFans page, who would that person be? What are they into? How interactive are they? What are they looking for? What do they like? I’ve been looking at quite a few profiles from Reddit girls asking for advice on getting more subs and this is the absolute main issue that I see: generic bios. You can’t just “create content for men/women/couples”, that’s way too vast. Every human with an OnlyFans  “creates content for men/women/couples”. You create ________ type of content for __________ type of audience. Be specific. 

You can’t just “create content for men/women/couples”, that’s way too vast. Every human with an OnlyFans  “creates content for men/women/couples”.

I know that narrowing down who you’re promoting to sounds counterintuitive but it’s actually one of the fundamentals of “regular” marketing (you know the marketing ‘regular’ businesses): Know your client.

Let me illustrate this for you. Picture you’re in a super crowded place in need assistance and you’re asking for help in your normal voice. Someone “might” come but very likely, they won’t even know if they can help you because they don’t know what kind of help you even need and if they’re the right person to help you so they’ll assume someone else will go. But, if you yell at the top of your lungs: “Hey you! with the curly ginger hair, geeky glasses, metallica shirt carrying two briefcases while talking on the phone, can you help me get back up?!” – you WILL get that person’s attention as well as everyone else around that “can help you get back up”. It’s the exact same thing when you’re promoting and writing up endless profiles. This is how you hook the best, most loyal subs.

Here are a few ideas for you profile (this list is by no means exhaustive):

The basics

  • Nude or non-nude
  • Full length on wall or no
  • Frequency and type of posts
  • PPV or no as well as the estimated frequency at which they’re sent and the average price.
  • Do subs have to pay to message you?
  • Whatever other service/product you offer: dick ratings, custom videos or pictures, sexting etc.

The specifics

  • Dominant or submissive?
  • Are you going to be filling all your holes and hosing down the walls or shyly rubbing one out and giggling?
  • Are you fetish friendly and if so, which fetishes do you cater to? Hint: “Any” is not a valid answer. Everyone has a limit. E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E
  • How often you post fetish stuff vs. more ordinary stuff.
  • Are your videos HD or 4K?
  • Are you solo or do you do GG, BG, FFM, MMF etc ?
  • How interactive are you?
  • Are we peeking in your day to day / personal sex life or is everything a big production and shot professionally?
  • What sets you apart from everyone else? What is your specialty, so to speak?
  • What are your notable body attributes? Huge boobies, enhanced boobies, PAWG, long hair, tattoos, skinny, BBW, milf body, athletic etc.
  • Are you classy, ratchet, slutty, high end, innocent etc?

Some creators put their rules in their profile bio (ex: Do not send dick pics). I feel it’s better to save the rules for your automated welcome message. This saves space in your bio and allows you to only focus what you write on the fun stuff – what they can do and get as opposed to what they cannot.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the choice to subscribe or not has to be made nearly blindly. A potential sub has no idea what content you have posted, what quality you put out, what your style is or anything and, unfortunately, lots of them have gotten crappy surprises. By making it possible for the person reading your profile to make a more informed decision it becomes easier to hook and retain subs.